Exclusive Redakai Preview: MetaCharged - Shadow Kick!
TCGplayer Staff

We're super excited to announce that Redakai has been nominated for the Best Boys Toy award by People's Play Awards 2011! To cast your vote, be sure head on over and cast your vote here!

Welcome to the first of four Redakai previews that we'll be staggering out over the next couple weeks at TCGplayer! These previews come from the latest Redakai expansion, Metacharged, and were given exclusively to TCGplayer.com, so be sure not to miss them!

The first card we have for you is an attack entitled Shadow Kick, and boy is it a doozy!

Wow! If we've learned anything from other card games, it's that "free spells" should definitely not be taken for granted. The first thing you might notice about Shadow Kick is the high Kairu cost. I mean 20, geez! But let's be honest: the deck that wants to use this card most likely won't be waiting for turn 17 to play this. They're going to build around this card and either maximize their attacks or try and exploit cards that increase your maximum Kairu!

And the reason they would do that?

Well, just look at this beast! Once it hits, it instantly defeats any character with green defense 550 or less! Or any character with no green defense at all! All three health bars, taken out automatically in one attack! This card seems like it could be bonkers when you get it to work!

And just wait until you see our next preview card, which promises to make this one a little more tempting to build with, set to be revealed this Thursday, October 6th!

Metacharged, the first expansion for the Redakai trading card game, has a scheduled release date of October 15th, 2011!

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