Exclusive Redakai Preview: Metacharged - Silverbaxx!
TCGplayer Staff

We're super excited to announce that Redakai has been nominated for the Best Boys Toy award by People's Play Awards 2011! To cast your vote, be sure head on over and cast your vote here!

Welcome to the second of our four Redakai previews that we'll be staggering out over the next week at TCGplayer! These previews come from the latest Redakai expansion, Metacharged, and were given exclusively to TCGplayer.com, so be sure not to miss them!

The card I have for you today is a beast. Well, a primate more accurately. Allow me to I introduce you to Silverbaxx!

This guy is massive! If we've learned anything else from other cards games, it's that we should never overlook the text, “draw a card.” This guy basically rewards you for attacking with high powered attacks. Much like the Blue Silverbaxx from the original set this Gold Silverbaxx also interacts favorably with attacks cards 650 or greater! While the first Siverbaxx could return attacks to your hand from the discard pile, this one simply let you draw cards for playing those same returned attacks!

Cards like Cascading Vertigo, Frenzied Rush and Slashing Claws are going to be awesome with this guy! I can't imagine playing any less than three Silverbaxx in a deck, and this is another card you want to build your deck around. I for one am always exciting when new cards allow me to draw more cards, and this is one I can't wait to try out.

And don't forget to join us right back here next week, on Tuesday October 11th for the next card in our series of previews!

Metacharged, the first expansion for the Redakai trading card game, has a scheduled release date of October 15th, 2011!

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