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First MMORPG Online Game Available on Facebook
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Duels Becomes First MMORPG Online Game Available on Facebook

Free, Short-form Game Provides Challenging Gaming Experience to 46+ Million Facebook Users

AUSTIN, Texas October 25, 2007 Oxygen Games, Inc. today announced that its popular Duels(TM) online fantasy game is the first massively multi-player role-playing game (MMORPG) to be integrated directly with Facebook. Duels, which currently has more than 50,000 users, combines the best of collectible card games (CCGs) and the advancement and character development of MMORPGs with the ease of access and community aspects of Web 2.0 applications. Facebook users can now play Duels directly within the Facebook "social graph" and challenge their friends to battles after they install Duels for Facebook, which is available at http://apps.facebook.com/duelsfb.

Duels is unique in that its specifically designed to be played in 10-30 minute increments rather than in long, marathon sessions. The short-form format is ideal for casual and hardcore Facebook gamers alike, who may enjoy games such as World of Warcraft but are looking for new and challenging options for play in between longer gaming sessions and during free time.

"Whether they're an avid or casual gamer, you can now play a challenging online game without leaving Facebook," said Andrew Busey, founder and CEO of Oxygen Games. "With the tremendous growth we've seen in the past few months, we expect many of the Facebook users to discover just how fun multi-player short-form games like Duels can be."

A player vs. player (PVP) fantasy role playing game, Duels challenges Facebook users to build characters based on physical attributes, battle experience, special abilities and collectible items. Players aim for the ideal combination of the attributes, experience and equipment needed to beat other players in head-to-head combat.

Because the Duels game is asynchronous in nature, it can be played whenever a Facebook user wants. Players can challenge and battle each other and results can be accessed at the players' convenience. With each duel, players gain rewards that enable their characters to advance in level, increase their physical and mental attributes, and win gold and tokens. Gold and tokens can be used to buy equipment, such as armor and weapons, or packs, which contain random loot from a broad set of possible items. Duels also allows players to trade and sell items to each other within the application.

Duels is free to play. Players, including Facebook users, also have the option to purchase select game items with money or join as VIP members, which provides additional benefits. For more information on Duels, visit www.duels.com.

About Oxygen Games, Inc.

Oxygen Games creates online games that are challenging, fun and easy to play whether you're a serious or casual gamer. The company was founded by veteran gamer, Andrew Busey, author of Secrets of the MUD Wizards and creator of one of the first instant messaging applications. Oxygen Games' first title Duels is an online fantasy game that combines the best of the collectible card games (CCGs) and traditional fantasy role-playing games with the convenience of the short-form gaming experience. For more information on Oxygen Games, visit www.oxygengames.com.

About Duels

Duels is a new type of free, online fantasy game that combines the head-to-head play, collectibility and trading, associated with collectible card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yug-i-oh with the level advancement and character development of massively multi-player games (MMORPGs). Duels provides a short-form 10-30 minute gaming experience that is both fun and provides forward progress in character advancement.


Challenge Games and Duels are trademarks of Challenge Online Games, Inc. All other names may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. Challenge Games was formerly known as Oxygen Games.

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