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WoW Minis: GTS & Justin Gary Interview
TCGplayer Staff

TCGplayer just got back home from the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas. There were tons of new games to see and one of the biggest was the new upcoming miniatures game from Upper Deck Entertainment “World of Warcraft Miniatures”. This new game marks Upper Deck and Blizzard's first step into the collectible miniatures gaming genre. The game is sure to break new ground in the genre, sporting innovations never before seen by miniatures gaming fans. Because of this, and the tremendous amount of hype surrounding WoW Minis, fans everywhere are looking for any bits of information about the game that they can get their hands on. Well we here at TCGplayer weren't going to leave you hanging. We didn't come back from Vegas with only a hangover and an increase in our wallet from being dealt AA, we also brought back 2 video interviews with Justin Gary lead developer of WoW Minis. Check them out and read on to find out yet more new and exciting info about this upcoming game.

The heart of the WoW Minis game, as is the case with any miniatures game, are the miniatures themselves, and Upper Deck definitely has not skimped in this area. The miniatures are beautiful and have several layers of paint detail that make them absolutely gorgeous down to the tiniest scale and claw. Seeing the gigantic Onyxia figure is truly a site to behold. You really won't be able to grasp Onyxia's splendor until you see her up close and personal, but for a bit of perspective, just look at the figures surrounding her in the video. Those figures are the basic size of a WoW miniature. Now look how big Onyxia is compared to them. Impressive right?

The miniatures themselves are designed a bit differently than the miniatures in other collectable miniatures games. Each WoW Mini base is actually a two part construct. The first part of the base is the actual miniature figurine, while the second part is a revolving base that includes stats and important info that will be used during the game. The figures can actually detach from the lower base, allowing them to be displayed without statistics when not in use. It has not yet been revealed what sort of organization system the bases will have but most likely figures will have their names printed on the bottom of one or both bases for organizational purposes.

Unlike the TCG, the WoW Miniatures Game won't have any loot for the MMO. However, oddly enough the WoW Miniatures Game will have loot for the TCG in a manner of speaking making the games sort of nest into each other. Each WoW Minis starter set will include preview cards from future WoW TCG sets. Yes, these card previews also include Loot Cards so you may in fact get a special Loot item in the MMO far before anyone else just by opening up a pack of WoW Miniatures.

The WoW team also gave us a bit of insight as to how raids are run in WoW Minis. When playing a WoW mini raid, you can choose either to have a player control the baddies, or to have the game be fully cooperative. When a player is in control, obviously he or she takes the role of some large and imposing monster (cough cough Onyxia cough) and the minions of that monster in an attempt to squash the invading party. When no one particularly wants to take the reins of Onyxia (regardless of the fact that I think they are crazy not to want to… I mean just look at her!) action decks can be used to create a sort of makeshift AI. Every time Onyxia's turn comes up, you flip over the top of her action deck and obey the card's commands. This way Onyxia sort of has her own personality independent of the players, and everyone can fight against Onyxia together. A couple raid sets are slated to be released every year so that will definitely be something to look forward to.

In addition to all of this, WoW Minis is allowing you for the first time to take control of the monsters of the WoW universe, something that I am sure the people who will get a kick out of controlling Onyxia will enjoy. Instead of having only two factions, the Horde and the Alliance, players will be able to build their armies out of units from a third “Monster” faction. This marks the first time Warcraft fans will be able to control monsters since the introduction of modified maps and games from Warcraft 3.

The WoW team is composed of several big names in collectible game design, and they are doing their best to make WoW Minis a truly immersive experience. Even if you look past all the flavor that will simply be dripping off of all of the figures recreated from the MMO and the TCG, the WoW team also hinted at some real time and customizable elements as well. As Justin said in the video, they are including ways to allow the player to create characters exactly how they want them to be, i.e. tailored to each player's own personal tastes. In addition to this, Justin hinted at a “resource” system, which may or may not be a throwback to the older days of Warcraft 3. Regardless it is sure to be a truly unique play experience.

I could truly talk about this game forever, but I think that Justin puts most of it better in the interviews we had with him. Overall, there is only one thing you need to know: WoW Minis is going to be a game unlike any other in the genre thusfar, and that is something to look forward to. Everything else is just icing on the cake. Visit the following for more information on WoW Minis and yet more GAMA Coverage, keep checking back right here at TCGplayer.com, your source for the latest and greatest in collectible gaming news.

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