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Arcane Legions - New Game Introduction
TCGplayer Staff
7/22/2009 10:00:00 AM

Over the next few weeks we will be introducing an entirely new miniatures game to you which they dub as a “Collectable Mass Action Miniatures Game.” That is quite a mouthful, but looks to be deserving of such an ambitious claim. This new game is called Arcane Legions and is by the company Wells Expeditions. To start we want to provide some backstory on both for this incredible looking miniatures game as well as some information on how Wells Expeditions got their start. Each week hereafter we will begin spotlighting an exclusive miniature to get you primed for the launch of Arcane Legions at the end of September!

The year is 37 BCE. Mysterious energies have scorched the Earth, leaving behind a changed world of eldritch creatures and mystic powers. The Middle East is in flames. Augustus' Rome, Cleopatra's Egypt, and the Chinese Han Dynasty battle to dominate a world in chaos. Their huge arcane armies, like none ever seen before, clash to the death amid the ruins of even more ancient civilizations. This is Arcane Legions™, brought to you by Wells Expeditions™.

Reinventing Tabletop Gaming—Again!
From the same team that invented the collectable miniatures game category—including heavyweights Mage Knight™, MechWarrior®, and HeroClix®—comes a new game system that revolutionizes mass action combat. Players will be able to command hundreds of figures to victory within a couple of hours without having to keep records or reference rules. The titanic wars of the Arcane Legions game are set within a dynamic world created by the same warped mind that brought you gaming classics like BattleTech® and Shadowrun®.

Commanding Legions
The unique formation-base system of Arcane Legions easily allows players to control their massive Roman, Egyptian, and Han armies. By placing figures into specific formation positions, the player selects the unit's combat capabilities.

For example, organizing a unit's figures into a marching formation grants the unit increased speed but reduces its offensive and defensive effectiveness. Reorganizing to an attack formation decreases a unit's speed but dramatically increases its offensive punch.

Movement and combat are fast and deadly, using an abstracted movement system and a simple dice-off combat mechanic. As a unit takes damage, figures are removed from its formation base, reducing occupied positions and thus the capabilities of the unit.

The plastic unit formation bases and sortie bases are available in Starter Packs and Army Packs. The unit cards printed with all the game mechanics are featured in Booster Packs, allowing for an endless diversity of unit capabilities without adding to game complexity.


Player-Created Units
In an industry first, Arcane Legions allows players to design their own tournament-legal game elements. Using an online system, a player can create a custom unit by selecting figures for the unit and designing the unit card, all while calculating the unit's point total in real time. Player-created unit cards are stored in an online database under a unique serial number and can be printed out and used in all Arcane Legions games. To avoid cheating, any player can enter a unit card's serial number into the Arcane Legions database from any Web browser (including iPhones) to confirm the card's authenticity and creator. This dynamic feature, as well as access to larger Limited Edition resin figures, is a part of the subscription-based online Centurion Club.

Vast Armies for Less Money
Most collectable games are expensive because a consumer ends up buying figures they don't want or care about, but what if every figure purchased was useful? This is the question Wells Expeditions™ asked when we began to create Arcane Legions. First, we created separate products for each faction (Roman, Egyptian, and Han) so that players can choose to purchase only the faction(s) they are interested in. Second, we removed all the common figures from Booster Packs so that players don't end up purchasing the same figures time after time. Last, we designed small sets so that players who enjoy completing collections need purchase only eight Boosters to satisfy their collecting urges. These combined approaches dramatically reduce the cost to collect and field the huge armies of Arcane Legions.


Starter Game
With more than 110 figures, the Arcane Legions Starter Game includes armies for all three factions and enough formation bases, sortie bases, and unit cards for a complete two-player game—and a great introduction for three or more players.

Each case contains six Starters (two for each faction) with an MSRP of $34.99 each.

Infantry Army Pack
The common soldier is the backbone of every army. These faction-specific Infantry Army Packs reinforce your army with just the right amount of soldiers you'll need to dominate the playing field (each Pack contains 40 unpainted figures enhanced by deco prints).

Cavalry Army Pack
Cavalry on the battlefield represents mobility and power. These faction-specific Cavalry Army Packs offer the units needed to realize advanced tactical plans (each Pack contains 14–15 unpainted mounted figures with deco-print enhancements).

Each case contains 18 Army Packs with an MSRP of $14.99 each.

Booster Pack
Success depends on powerful leaders and specialized arcane units found in faction-specific Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack contains 1 rare Hero and 2 Rare/Uncommon specialty units for a total of 5 to 10 fully painted figures, plus 5 additional unit cards that use figures from Booster Packs and Army Packs.

“Legion Bundle”
Boosters are shipped in faction-specific Legion Bundles—eight Boosters guaranteed to provide one of every collectable figure and unit card in that faction for that release. Players can buy individual Boosters are entire Legion Bundles.

Each Legion Bundle Case contains 24 Booster Packs with an MSRP of $11.99 each.

There once was a company called WizKids®. Tabletop games were their niche and innovation was their specialty. Every idea, from rulebooks to player communities, was dusted with creativity. Now those minds have joined forces again to form a new company: Wells Expeditions™.

Wells Expeditions is dedicated to creating games for the casual and strategic game player. Our experienced team has a reputation for smart innovation focused on consumers and retailers. The close-knit team consists of Ray Wehrs, Jordan Weisman, Ethan Pasternack, Tina Wegner, Dawne Weisman, Tyler Bielman, Sarah Phelps, Mort Weisman, Shana Doerr, and Tiffany O'Brien. Though our talents have crossed over to many other companies, industries, and games, we believe core hobby games to be our greatest strength. Arcane Legions is only the beginning of great things to come from Wells Expeditions for the whole tabletop gaming community!

Arcane Legions™ is a collectable mass action miniatures game for 2–6 players.

The year is 37 BCE. The greatest armies of antiquity battle to control a magically altered world. The Roman Empire, Egyptian Imperium, and Han Dynasty converge in epic battle across the Middle East. Their legions are full of men and monsters, warriors and sorceresses, undead and gods—this is war like none before it.

Featuring a unique formation-base design that easily allows players to track damage and get a range of performance from each unit, Arcane Legions eliminates tedious rules reference during play, yet offers a strategic depth not found in more-complicated, longer-playing games.

By offering common figures in fixed Army Packs rather than randomized Boosters, Arcane Legions is the most affordable collectable miniatures game on the market today.

The two-player Starter Game includes more than 110 figures from all three factions (Han, Egyptian, and Roman), providing a great game experience for two players and a good introductory experience for three players (MSRP $34.99).

Cavalry and Infantry Army Packs allow players to purchase common but integral figures for their specific faction without the redundancy often found in other collectable miniatures games (MSRP $14.99).

Faction-specific Booster Packs contain Heroes and special arcane units that players will use to lead their grand forces to victory (MSRP $11.99).

Legion Bundles consist of eight-Boosters that contain every collectable figure in the set from a single faction, make collecting affordable.

All-new game system allows for large-scale battles, engaging and intuitive rules, and quick and engaging games that play out in less than two hours.

Centurion Club is a membership-based community that qualifies members to purchase Limited Edition figures and gives access to an online builder players can use to generate their own tournament-legal units.

At www.ArcaneLegions.com players can easily engage other players in the community, find store and tournament locations, learn more about game play and strategy, and much more!

Monthly scenario kits will be available to fuel in-store Organized Play events promoted by the industry's most extensive online community platform.

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