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6/2/2011 1:55:00 PM

The big day is almost here! On June 4th, hobby stores across North America will be running their own Redakai Release Day events. This will be your first opportunity to get Redakai cards and play the game with others in your town.

Everyone who participates will get an exclusive silver foil Froztok, Red Elemental card while supplies last.

If you don’t know where to go to play, click here to see a full list of participating stores! Please note that this list will be updated again before the event (stores are still signing up as you read this!), so you’ll want to check back next week if you don’t see a local store on the list right now.

Additionally, some of the Redakai team will be attending the local Los Angeles Release Day event atMajestix Comics, Collectibles and Games, located at2075 Newport Blvd, Suite 104 Costa Mesa, CA 92627. The event will run from 3-5PM, so if you're in the area, please come by to play Redakai with the team!

How Do I Play?

All stores will be running demos, so that everyone in attendance can learn the game. The Release Day event will be run in an Open Challenge format, where you are free to play anyone you wish.

Some stores may also run either be a Championship Set event, or a Structured Deck event. Everyone in the event will be using decks from these products only, to ensure a level playing field. So at least where the event rounds are concerned, you cannot add cards from Power Packs or Gold Packs to your deck. But definitely feel free to do so after the event rounds are over!

Where Do I Go From Here?

On Release Day, make sure you talk to your local store's representative, and find out when they'll be running their Redakai League. Release Day is just the start – Redakai League will be the next step, when you test your deck and play skills in a competitive environment. To the victors will go the spoils: exclusive prize cards, a spot on our leaderboard here in the community, and your league score listed on your community profile for bragging rights!

For the latest Redakai news, Please visit www.Redakai.com, Redakai YouTube Channel athttp://www.youtube.com/RedakaiOfficialand “LIKE” us onFacebook at http://www.facebook.com/redakaiofficial.

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