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Urban Rivals - Game Update Interview
Angelo M. D Argenio

A while ago we talked to the guys over at Urban Rivals about the game, its updates, and where it was going in the future. However, as soon as the game updated once more, Nicolas Caris and the Urban Rivals team were quick to keep me informed of all the latest changes. As such, we've just been given an exclusive update of the recent changes and additions to the world's busiest online trading card game and we've been told to look out for the release of a new clan on June 6th. So what exactly is changing in the world of Urban Rivals? Read on...

What's been happening in the world of Urban Rivals recently?

At the end of March Urban Rivals decided to shake up the way the Leader cards are distributed. Leaders could no longer be purchased in booster packs and instead Leaders were available to everyone for free as they climb up the levels.

For every 5 levels a player achieves starting at level 5 and onto level 50 the player receives a new Leader card. To make this possible Urban Rivals released 3 new Leaders Vholt, Eklore and Eyrik making 10 Leaders available in total.

Nicolas Caris, Urban Rivals Marketing Director commented "As the leader cards could be quite expensive to buy and are very useful for deck building we wanted to reward our most loyal players and encourage other players to continue to climb the levels. It's been a great success."

New character card rules for ELO mode

ELO mode is a more strategic gameplay option for players level 15 and above, the contest takes place over a week with all players starting on a score of 1000. A players' ELO score will go up or down depending if they win or lose each battle they play. The ELO system is a tough weekly competition which is designed to identify the best Urban Rivals players over an extended period of time, using the best strategies to win. At the end of each week (running Sunday to Sunday) the top players share Clintz, game credits and rare collector cards as prizes.

ELO has always banned certain high powered cards to make the game more interesting and allow players to be creative with their decks, rather than all players selecting the obvious deck for the metagame.

To rebalance ELO it was decided to lift the ban on two of the Pussycat clan characters, Wanda and Baby Q which allowed the Pussycats to be more effective. Instead a ban was put in place on the Pussycats Lyse Teria CR card, as one of the most rare cards in Urban Rivals the card was unattainable to the majority of players. Lyse Teria CR is also probably the most powerful level 3 card in the game, so it was important to balance the card for ELO. The cards rarity and power gave a distinct advantage to players that have been with Urban Rivals for a long time and left most players with an uphill battle to do well in ELO.

A couple of other cards were also banned from the top two clans in ELO, notably the 'Rescue' and 'Uppers' clans. With Alec (Rescue) and Zatman (Uppers) banned, ELO mode is now more balanced and players have refocused on ELO mode trying to find the ultimate deck than can do the most damage. The title for most feared clan in ELO is back up for grabs and players are experimenting with the new rules.

The Pussycats are now probably the best defensive clan to pick, with the best offensive clans probably drawn from one of either Bangers, Nightmare or Uppers. Although you never know, someone may unravel the current metagame and surprise us all, we'll find out in due course.

New training room rules

The training game rooms in Urban Rivals have undergone a major update making it quicker and simpler to level up your character cards. The rules have been changed to make it fairer for all players and also to make it quicker and simpler to level up your cards.

Training and leveling your character cards is a major part of Urban Rivals and is particularly useful for players that like to trade on the second hand card market.

The new system means all cards depending on their level receive the same experience points, but also the winner of the game receives an extra 100 experience points for each card. This makes it much quicker and totally transparent when leveling cards and adds an incentive to win.

The health points for each player have been increased from 12 points to 60 health points. This means players can't K.O each other which was an issue in the past where a player gets KO'd and the cards they haven't played would receive 0 experience points.

Nicolas Caris, explained "lots of players enjoy the training and leveling aspect of Urban Rivals and these new features have been warmly received by the community, we've had supportive and entirely positive feedback to the changes we've made."

Presets and commenting system

Urban Rivals recently introduced a commenting system, initially this allowed players to comment on each of the character cards and with a voting system in place for all players to be able to recommend, or not, their peers comments. The peer reviewed system adds a nice layer to the community and several commenting stars have been revealed and now find themselves well known within community circles.

Shortly after the commenting system was introduced a new presets system was also launched. This allows a player to make their deck public for other players to comment and vote for, and if they have the same cards available they can also copy the preset deck to use themselves.

Nicolas Caris added "We'll be extending the commenting features to other areas of the site in the future and we're totally committed to adding more community orientated features for the Urban Rivals players to enjoy."

A new clan coming on June 6th...

You heard it here first, a new clan will soon be released into the chaotic world of Clint City. Players don't have long to wait to find out who they are, what they stand for and how they'll fit in to the City that never sleeps.

The new clan will be available on Friday 6th June with the first 6 character cards available from the online shop, check back on TCGplayer.com on the day and see the new artwork for the latest 6 characters...

For more of the latest Urban Rivals info, keep checking back here at TCGplayer.com

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