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Game Status Released
Release Date 10/25/2006
Developer Cryptozoic Entertainment
Blizzard Entertainment
Genre Fantasy
Game Type Card Game
Platform Table Top
Website Visit the Official Site

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Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit

In game demo of the Loot Card award of Papa Hummel's Old-Fashioned Pet Biscuit from the Wow TCG.

In this trading card game (TCG), each player uses a hero card and a deck consisting of allies and other supporting cards. In booster and starter packs, gamers can find cards representing weapons, abilities, armor, items and quests. Some booster packs also contain legendary cards (i.e., special versions of normal cards) which contain a scratch-off code. This code can then be redeemed in the online game for a virtual prize. The prizes are purely cosmetic, such as special tabards, or a mount that moves at the same speed as walking.

During play, players start with a single hero, and then play additional cards to augment the hero's powers or add additional members to his or her party. As in games such as Magic: The Gathering, the goal is to reduce the remaining health of the opponent to zero. Unlike in Magic, combat attacks are always directed at individual heroes or allies, rather than simply declaring an attack with a number of creatures. Furthermore, damage done to allies accumulates between turns, making combat more expensive for both the attacker and defender.

Konami Brings WoW TCG to Japan
Konami Brings WoW TCG to Japan KONAMI has obtained the exclusive rights from Cryptozoic Entertainment to distribute the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game in Japan.
Morzyc Wins DF Koln
Morzyc Wins DF Koln From WoWTCG.com: 'The final was a titanic struggle that went to a lengthy deciding game. Jankovic had demonstrated great skill throughout the weekend, but Morzyc was not to be denied.'
Announcing War of the Elements
Announcing War of the Elements Cryptozoic Entertainment announces the release of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game's fourteenth expansion to date, Worldbreaker: War of the Elements, with new streamlined rules that make the game easier to pick up for new players.
Icecrown Citadel Raid Deck - March 1
Icecrown Citadel Raid Deck - March 1 In Assault on Icecrown Citadel, players are immersed in a frozen battlefield inhabited by legendary minions, taking on the roles of Highlord Tirion Fording, Lady Jaina Proudmoore, and Lady Sylvanas Windrunner to band together against the Lich King himself!
Gellerman Wins DF Los Angeles
Gellerman Wins DF Los Angeles After battling his way to a 7-1 finish in the swiss rounds with an Alliance Hunter deck featuring Avatar of the Wild he sat down with an intimidating match to look forward to: a match against Tim Rivera.
Worldbreaker Date Change and DF LA
Worldbreaker Date Change and DF LA Hello there, Cryptozoic fans. We had a setback regarding the production of Worldbreaker and its packaging. We've resolved the issue and the street date for Worldbreaker is December 14th, 2010.
Icecrown Epic Collection - Oct 29
Icecrown Epic Collection - Oct 29 The Icecrown Epic Collection releases October 29th. This icy treasure chest comes with 6 packs of Icecrown, foil heroes, and is packed full of Icecrown goodies and acessories!

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