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Previews for Legends of Norrath

LoN Against the Void - Preview
Posted on 2/10/2009 by TCGplayer Staff

We are presenting our final preview for Against the Void, written by Evan "Heimlich" Lorentz, Game Designer at Sony Online Entertainment in Denver...

LoN Against the Void - Previews
Posted on 2/5/2009 by TCGplayer Staff

The expansion pushes the epic story of the previous set, Ethernauts, into dark new territory, while also adding more than 280 new gameplay cards, 16 new loot cards for both EverQuest and EverQuest II, two new playable avatar races.

LoN Ethernauts - Exclusive Interview
Posted on 10/9/2008 by Angelo M. D Argenio

While last week's card set you one point below what faction you were at, this week's card resets your faction meter all together.

LoN Ethernauts - Exclusive Interview
Posted on 10/2/2008 by Angelo M. D Argenio

Joe “Palejo” Alread, Game Designer at SOE-Denver has all the info on today's preview card, and the new mechanic from Ethernauts.

LoN Ethernauts - Exclusive Preview
Posted on 9/24/2008 by Angelo M. D Argenio

Ethernauts, this new block, is actually a prequel block, telling the events of a story that took place long before EverQuest II.

Oathbreaker - Exclusive Preview
Posted on 6/12/2008 by Angelo M. D'argenio

What sets Legends of Norrath apart from the pack is the mechanics that synergize with legend cards. Enter Oathbound Herald...

Oathbreaker - Exclusive Interview
Posted on 6/6/2008 by Angelo M. D Argenio

Recently, all pets have taken on a somewhat evil flair in Legends of Norrath, so the team has decided to even the scales with our latest preview card, Aery Hunter.

Legends of Norrath - Oathbreaker Preview
Posted on 6/1/2008 by Evan Lorentz

In Inquisitor, the last expansion, Monks or fighters that work better while unarmed were introduced. Now Oathbreaker is introducing yet more cards to flesh out the monk archetype.

From the Future: Oathbreaker
Posted on 5/19/2008 by Angelo M. D Argenio

The details of Oathbreaker are tight, however, Sony did give us a bit of a teaser. According to the official press release FROM THE FUTURE...

LoN Preview - Hoo’Looh’s Hat
Posted on 3/5/2008 by Evan Lorentz

Today's exclusive preview, Hoo'Loh's Hat, brings a whole new realm of possibilities with 1-cost units in Legends of Norrath.

LoN Preview: Iksar Bandit
Posted on 2/27/2008 by Evan Lorentz

It's no secret that superior numbers are an advantage in Legends of Norrath. Iksar Bandit might put things over the top for your side.

LoN Inquisitor Preview - Sarnak Avenger
Posted on 2/19/2008 by Evan Lorentz

Inquisitor introduces a card that actually works for you while sitting in your discard pile, the Sarnak Avenger.

LoN Preview: Cerebral Shock
Posted on 2/13/2008 by Chuck Kallenbach

Legends of Norrath's latest expansion set, Inquisitor, introduces new and powerful cards such as today's Cerebral Shock!

LoN Preview - Stinking Badger
Posted on 12/13/2007 by Chuck Kallenbach

Check out the lastest preview for the [Legends of Norrath] expansion Forsworn ...Stinking Badger! Make those enemy units MOVE!

LoN Preview - Exchange
Posted on 12/6/2007 by Paul Dennen

How many suits of armor can one possibly need? That's one of the questions that Legends of Norrath players have to ask themselves.

LoN Preview - Runaway Clockwork
Posted on 11/29/2007 by Evan Lorentz

Read our latest preview for the Legends of Norrath expansion, Forsworn. Today we bring you...Runaway Clockwork!

LoN Preview - Steppes Pony
Posted on 11/21/2007 by Paul Dennen

In LoN, each player controls an avatar representing a powerful hero roaming the lands of Norrath. And who in their right mind would want to roam a medieval-like fantasy world on foot?

LoN Preview - Lady Vox
Posted on 11/14/2007 by Chuck Kallenbach

In the lore of Norrath, there is a star-crossed love affair between two great dragons. Lady Vox is the distaff half of this couple, and we're featuring her on a unit card for our first expansion set, Forsworn.

Legends of Norrath at Gen Con
Posted on 9/4/2007 by TCGplayer Staff

This game is not only based on the vast Everquest lore, but is intergrated into both EQ and EQII in ways brand new to the TCG market. This trading card game is able to be launched via an outside portal, or within both the EverQuest and EverQuest II online games.

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