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Shuffle & has formed a partnership with that results in Subscribers receiving up to 10% off their single card purchases. This is a unique opportunity for you to save a good deal of money off of your purchases through the end of this year. As long as you have an active Subscription, you receive discounts for single card purchases at If you are not a Subscriber you can cover the cost of this package simply from the discount alone, so it is worth it to sign up and make your spot to shop! The amount of the discount is based upon your total spent on single card purchases, and you receive a default of 5% off all single card purchases regardless. The rates for the discounts are as follows:

Discount Purchase Threshold
5% Discount $0.00 to $249.99
7.5% Discount $250.00 to $499.99
10% Discount $500.00 or above

To receive your discount you simply need to be logged into the Subscription System and then click into the via the BUY IT buttons from any Card or Deck on this site. This will issue you a code that verifies that you are indeed a Subscriber and your end sale will be adjusted for the proper discount based upon your total purchase amount. Please note that tracks purchases based on location and via your already supplied Subscriber Account information. ANY infractions or misuse will result in the removal of this bonus feature from your Subscription.

This deal runs through the entirety of 2006 and is for singles purchases only (no discount on packs/boxes/sets). This deal can also not be used in conjunction with any other discounts or coupons.

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